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Wesley Beary

Founding engineer and maintainer

Rubygems fog and excon projects

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Wesley Beary
Panel: State of the open source maintainer in 2024
4:50 PM - 5:40 PM EST
What's it like to be an open source maintainer in 2024? In an annual Upstream tradition, we sit down with a group of maintainers to hear directly from them to find out. This year's panel includes Valeri Karpov from Mongoose, Irina Nazarova of Evil Martians, Tatu Saloranta of jackson-databind, and Wesley Beary, who maintains popular Ruby projects fog and excon. We'll ask them about how the recent xz utils hack made them feel, how community and project health looks from their perspectives, ways enterprise users and organizations can help maintainers, and much more!

About Wesley Beary

Wesley Beary is a parent, org designer, technologist, gamer, futurist, community organizer, woodworker, angel investor, aspiring chef and gymnast. Combining diverse perspectives to create exceptional experiences of organizational strategy, technology, culture, and practices.