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Resources to help your organization
move upstream


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Tracy Bannon from MITRE talks OSS supply chain security and how to help your overburdened dev team

For years, experts have been telling the government to take stock of the software supply chain by generating software bills of materials and defining standards and policies for use.

Webinar: Hacktoberfest maintainer wishlist on-demand

The Hacktoberfest maintainer wishlist

Tidelift ecosystem strategy lead Josh Simmons and maintainer Isabel Costa sit down to discuss meaningful ways new contributors can participate in Hacktoberfest.

Supporting the Python community by

Supporting the Python community by “shifting left”

Tidelift co-founder Luis Villa and Kevin Fleming, the head of open source community engagement at Bloomberg, chat about ways that corporate users of open source software can partner with the ecosystems who provide that software, in order to improve the end-to-end experience for everyone.


Take control of your open source supply chain with Tidelift catalogs

Take control of your open source with Tidelift catalogs

Watch on-demand as we demonstrate how you can use the Tidelift Subscription as the heart of an effective open source supply chain management strategy.

The Tidelift guide to managed open source

The Tidelift guide to managed open source

Want to understand the best practices for responsibly using open source components in your organization

Amalgam Insights report

Tidelift catalogs clean up the enterprise open source portfolio

In this Amalgam Insights report, principal analyst Hyoun Park shares how Tidelift catalogs can help enterprise organizations manage their open source portfolio.

Remonk webinar

How to get control of your organization’s OSS supply chain

RedMonk co-founder Stephen O’Grady and Tidelift CEO Donald Fischer offer a set of detailed recommendations for how to tame the open source supply chain.

The 2019 Tidelift managed open source survey results

The 2020 Tidelift managed open source survey

We highlight nine of the most interesting revelations that help us understand how to make open source work even better for development teams and the organizations they work within.

Tidelift Advisory

Tidelift advisory:

Facts about recent wave of software supply chain attacks and how to address them