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Mirko Boehm

Senior director, community development

The Linux Foundation

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Mirko Boehm
Government carrot, government stick: Exploring two contrasting approaches to improving open source security
2:35 PM - 3:15 PM EST
Governments are starting to believe that their traditional hands-off approach to open source no longer makes sense. But what then? Europe is providing examples of both “carrot” and “stick”: providing incentives to people and organizations to do more security work (i.e. the carrot) or penalizing them for not doing the work or after security incidents happen (i.e. the stick). In this fireside chat, Tidelift co-founder and general counsel Luis Villa sits down with Fiona Krakenbürger from the Sovereign Tech Fund and Mirko Böhm from the Linux Foundation Europe to discuss the impending CRA legislation in the EU (the biggest government stick to date) and the Sovereign Tech Fund’s “carrot” approach to funding open security.

About Mirko Boehm

Mirko Boehm is a free and open source software contributor, community manager, licensing expert and researcher, with contributions to major open source projects like the KDE Desktop (since 1997, including several years on the KDE e.V. board), the Open Invention Network, the Open Source Initiative and others. He is a visiting lecturer and researcher on free and open source software at the Technical University of Berlin. Mirko Boehm has a wide range of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate manager, software developer and German Air Force officer. He joined the Linux Foundation in June 2023 as senior director for community development for Linux Foundation Europe, where he focuses on driving engagement and collaboration between all European open source stakeholders. Mirko speaks English and German and lives in the Berlin area.