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John Mark Walker

Director, Open source program office

Fannie Mae

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John Mark Walker
Panel: New approaches to open source security and resilience from the financial services industry
4:00 PM - 4:50 PM EST
For obvious reasons, the financial services industry has been a leader in embracing new approaches to ensuring the security and resilience of the open source software we all depend on. In this panel we'll learn what a few top experts are doing within their organizations to harden their defenses and invest in the open source they depend on, while sharing advice and strategies that all organizations can take back to inform their own work.

About John Mark Walker

John Mark Walker has been in the open source world for over 2 decades, helping companies build communities, products, and digital transformation strategies. He has spoken at a number of conferences (OSCON, OSSummit, SCALE) and written a few articles of note (Why Open Source Failed, There is no Open Source Community, How to Make Money from Open Source Platforms). He is currently building the world's greatest OSPO at Fannie Mae.