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Frank Nagle

Assistant professor

Harvard Business School

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Frank Nagle
Fireside chat: The value of open source software
11:20 AM - 11:50 AM EST
“How much is open source worth?” is an age-old question. Thanks to new work from professors at Harvard and University of Toronto, it is also a question with a new, creative, and important answer. In this fireside chat, Luis Villa sits down with Frank Nagle, assistant professor in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School, to discuss the recent paper called The Value of Open Source Software that Frank co-authored. This paper concluded that open source is worth $8.8 trillion dollars.

About Frank Nagle

Frank Nagle is an assistant professor in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School. Professor Nagle studies how competitors can collaborate on the creation of core technologies, while still competing on the products and services built on top of them. His research falls into the broader categories of the future of work, the economics of IT, and digital transformation and considers how technology is weakening firm boundaries.