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DB Babjack

DB Babjack
DB Babjack
Sr dir technology - Tech advocate and open source
Open source for everyone
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST
Open Source by everyone is a call to action. In this 30 minute talk, I will provide an overview of the benefits of open the source. I will then cover who can contribute to open source. One of the biggest barriers of open source engagement is that people believe they must be master coders to contribute meaningfully to open source. This can't be more incorrect. Successful open source can take many forms from technical to non-technical projects. I will cover the gamut of offerings and highlight a few favorites. I will highlight the changing nature of open source. We now see offerings in data, machine learning, art, comics, books, and more. I will show all the roles needed to make successful contributions and even do a pull request live removing the barrier to entry for all. Successful open source takes coders, designers, editors, artists, and more. Open Source is for everyone and by everyone.
About DB Babjack
DB a life-long nerd - yes I as in the marching band 0 and first-generation college graduate that went on to earn a doctorate in philosophy in health and biological science. I braved the world or research and consulting to find we still have work to do to provide great healthcare access to all and protect those that need it most, such as infants, children, and the elderly. During grad school I developed an unfortunate addition to technology and software development. I have made my way to magnificent opportunities in science, healthcare, and technology. My passion and expertise intersect in the difficult middle, the murky and unsolved , and the remaining to be discovered. On the one hand, I want to change the world and see everyone live healthy long lives - on the other I want to build the cool solutions to transform technology. I stumbled my way into leading technology divisions at a Fortune 5 company and find that our life's best technology work remains to be tackled - our greatest and most rewarding challenges still lie ahead.