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DB Babjack

DB Babjack
DB Babjack
Sr Dir Technology - Tech Advocate and Open Source
Open source
4:00 PM - 4:25 PM EST
Open Source by everyone is a call to action. In this 30 minute talk, I will provide an overview of the benefits of open the source. I will then cover who can contribute to open source. One of the biggest barriers of open source engagement is that people believe they must be master coders to contribute meaningfully to open source. This can't be more incorrect. Successful open source can take many forms from technical to non-technical projects. I will cover the gamut of offerings and highlight a few favorites. I will highlight the changing nature of open source. We now see offerings in data, machine learning, art, comics, books, and more. I will show all the roles needed to make successful contributions and even do a pull request live removing the barrier to entry for all. Successful open source takes coders, designers, editors, artists, and more. Open Source is for everyone and by everyone.
About DB Babjack
She is a Christian, a wife, a mom, a leader, a speaker, a professor, and a geek through and through. DB runs technology, data, and scientific organizations and transformations and believes we "do better" with heart. She thrives in complex problem statements with high stakes centered on people. She drives disruptive change through organizations meeting and exceeding expectations.

She is a professor and public speaker having spoken at over 50 international conferences, summits and events. She provides regular keynotes on technology topics often painting a vision forward for a new tomorrow. She is a neuroscientist, clinical interventionist, patent holder, and change leader with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare technology industry.

She is passionate about children's health and driving better public policy. She envisions and drives to a world where healthcare is proactive and prevention-focused and powered by data science and heart. She wants to see equity-based movements to scaffold an end to health inequities and believes SDOH data can unlock that future. She believes that open source collaborative technology, product engineering, and communicate are the key to driving better technology at scale. She is a willing partner and champion for good causes.