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Top findings from the 2023 Tidelift state of the open source maintainer report


Watch webinar on-demand:

We just released our new state of the open source maintainer report with 11 big headlines from our new survey of over 300 open source maintainers. Some findings will confirm what you already know to be true 🧠, some may startle you 🤯.

Want the TL;DR? Watch this on-demand webinar where Tidelift CMO and resident data nerd Chris Grams shared the most interesting bits.

He answered questions like: 

  • How much time do maintainers spend working on open source?
  • Are maintainers aware of prominent software security standards initiatives like OSSF Scorecards, SLSA, and the NIST Secure Software Development Framework and do they plan to align their projects to one or more of them?
  • Are paid open source maintainers more likely to complete important security and maintenance tasks than unpaid maintainers?
  • What do maintainers enjoy most about working on open source and what do they dread?

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