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Anita Ihuman

Anita Ihuman
Anita Ihuman
Developer Advocate
How to community: Anatomy of healthy open source communities and projects
3:45 PM - 4:10 PM EST
We often think of a successful open source project that just tackles a challenge for the greater good. This perception has driven several open source project owners to start innovative open source projects without any plans of managing/sustaining the communities behind these projects, leading to an increase in the number of dormant open source projects. A successful open source project is built on the collaborative effort of a healthy community. An adequately coordinated community can plan and develop projects and unanimously work together to ensure sustainability in project performance. The responsibility of achieving a thriving open source community does not rest on the community managers or the program managers alone but also on the whole community.

- During this session, I will share with you:
- Introduction to open source communities.
- How to build a healthy and open-source community.
- Top open-source best practices to Prioritise in the community.
- The need to adopt the community first approach in a project.
- How to achieve a sustainable & inclusive community.
About Anita Ihuman
Anita is a developer advocate and technical writer. She has a track record in web development and DevRel on a global scale. With a focus on advocating for open source, Cloud Native, DevOps, documentation, community management, and DEI best practices, she is uniquely positioned to help individuals become more comfortable and confident as they contribute to their communities. She is passionate about educating the developer market about new tools, technologies, and best practices. She has spoken at various international conferences, like KubeCon, DrupalCon, DevConf.cz, FOSSBackstage, FOSDEM, and many more.