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Al Gillen

Al Gillen
Al Gillen
Group VP, software development and open source
Panel: Top findings from the 2023 Tidelift state of the open source maintainer report
1:55 PM - 2:55 PM EST
We just released our new 2023 Tidelift state of the open source maintainer report with findings from our new survey of over 300 open source maintainers.
Join Tidelift CMO and resident data nerd Chris Grams as he tees up the most interesting data points for discussion with an illustrious panel including Al Gillen, Group VP,  software development and open source of IDC, Python maintainer Seth Larson, and Tidelift VP of product Lauren Hanford.The panel will discuss:
  • What impact does money have on open source maintainers' work today?
  • What role should money have and how should organizations think about maintainer compensation?
  • Are paid open source maintainers more likely to complete important security and maintenance tasks than unpaid maintainers?
And wherever else the conversation takes them!
About Al Gillen
Al Gillen oversees IDC's software development research portfolio, covering developers and development trends, platform as a service, DevOps and application lifecycle; and also runs a program focused on open source software. He has followed open source software closely through the past 20 years of growth and adoption.