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John Mark Walker

John Mark Walker
John Mark Walker
Director, Open source program office
Fannie Mae
What's in it for me? The enlightened self-interest of open source contributions
1:00 PM - 1:40 PM EST
Often, contributing to open source communities is seen as "for the greater good" and "fulfilling your obligations in return for getting free stuff." While all fine and well, both of these descriptions sound like the software engineering equivalent of "eat your vegetables." Vegetables are all find and dandy, but frankly, I'd rather have ice cream. In this talk, John Mark Walker will explain how contributing to open source communities has the flavor of ice cream, but with the health benefits of eating your veggies. You want happier, engaged employees while continuously improving your software practices? Better contribute to open source projects.
About John Mark Walker
John Mark Walker has been in the open source world for over 2 decades, helping companies build communities, products, and digital transformation strategies. He has spoken at a number of conferences (OSCON, OSSummit, SCALE) and written a few articles of note (Why Open Source Failed, There is no Open Source Community, How to Make Money from Open Source Platforms). He is currently building the world's greatest OSPO at Fannie Mae.