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Brian Douglas

Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas
Director, Developer advocacy
Maintainer state of the union
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
Knowing where to start with open source project insights
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST
There is a need to leverage open-source to stay competitive, and the benefit of open source is the ability for developers to contribute and work where they are. There is also a need for open-source sustainability with contributions but approaching even familiar projects can be daunting for contributors. Maintaining contributor churn and PR velocity are top of mind for maintainers and I want to share how you can leverage automation and insights to keep all parties interested.

Each project handles encouraging contributions differently and even some prefer no contribution. Join me in learning the ways maintainers can leverage data and automation to encourage folks to contribute with code and non-code contributions, without removing them selves from the day to day code.
About Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas leads Developer Advocacy at GitHub where he works on increasing use of the GitHub and its API by fostering a community of early adopters through the developer programs. In the past he’s lead Developer Experience at Netlify, while leveraging his early knowledge of React and JavaScript to create a deep well of technical content, spearheading efforts towards a public GraphQL API while delivering talks and workshops around the world.

Brian has a passion for open source and loves mentoring new contributors through Open Sauced, a platform for finding your next open source contribution.