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Anita Ihuman

Anita Ihuman
Anita Ihuman
Technical writer
Quality onboarding: A ticket to a healthy open source experience
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

Most open source communities find it challenging to retain contributors. This can be due to the onboarding practices within the community. When contributors are not properly onboarded, they are left to navigate a project alone. I will discuss how this affects the goal of open source and influences project performance & sustainability—quality onboarding practices.

About Anita Ihuman
I am a developer advocate at Apache APISIX, with over two years of experience contributing to and advocating for open-source software organisations. I am passionate about improving documentation and onboarding practices within developer communities. I have an interest in all things FOSS, cloud-native and advocacy. I love cats🐈 and fried chicken🍗.