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Maia Miller

Maia Miller
Maia Miller
Web accessibility practice lead and frontend developer
Catalyst IT Limited
Web accessibility: the who, what, and how of writing accessible code
3:45 PM - 4:10 PM EST

Web Accessibility is more than just a buzz word. It’s integral to allowing people to access the web - worldwide, over a billion people have some form of disability and spend half a trillion dollars annually. Moreover, organizations in American and Europe have seen hundreds of thousands of accessibility-related lawsuits. Accessible content increases overall usability, facilitates compatibility with web technologies, and improves SEO. In short, writing good, usable code means writing accessible code.

So, how do we create more accessible web content? This presentation will answer the who, what, why and how of web accessibility: what are the web standards for accessibility (WCAG)? Why make your content accessible? Who benefits, anyway? And importantly, as developers what should we be thinking about when writing our code?

About Maia Miller

Maia is the Accessibility Lead at Catalyst IT. Trained as a Frontend Developer, she brings her technical knowledge and charismatic speaking style to her presentations that introduce and discuss Accessibility Web Standards with technical and non-technical audiences alike. When Maia isn’t talking tech, she’s upside-down in a handstand or crocheting her next blanket.