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Kiran Oliver

Kiran Oliver
Kiran Oliver
Technical Community Builder
Recognizing burnout in open source
12:40 PM - 12:50 PM EST

Often, people experiencing burnout don’t know how to/feel they can’t stop being productive lest people, ‘find out,’ they’re burnt out, which leads to ever-worsening symptoms and takes longer to recover from.

I am one of many people who has worked and contributed to OSS while experiencing burnout, and I would love to share my experience and the things I’ve learned in order to help my fellow open source contributors and improve the overall open source community for the better.

About Kiran Oliver

Rin is Technical Community Builder at Camunda. They enjoy discussing all things open source, with a particular focus on diversity in tech, improving hiring pipelines in OSS for those that are neurodivergent, and removing accessibility barriers to learning programming.

Rin is also a Member of Kubernetes, a contributor to Spinnaker, has previously been involved in the Kubernetes Contributor Experience SIG, and was a Storyteller on the Kubernetes Upstream Marketing Team. They are an active peer mentor at KubeCon events, and also are usually involved with the Diversity Lunch and Hack events at KubeCon as well. When not immersed in all things OSS and cloud-native, they can be found hanging out with their wife and pets, making candles, cooking, or gaming.