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Karsten Wade

Karsten Wade
Karsten Wade
Senior community architect
Red Hat
Community management guidebook: the Open Source Way 2.0
11:30 AM - 11:50 AM EST

The Open Source Way 2.0 is a fresh, modern update to the guidebook for community management best practices. Find out how the guidebook can help you in creating and sustaining an open source community, following methods from the expert practitioners who wrote the guidebook using these very practices.

This talk shows the new guidebook, explains the methods, and highlights particular chapters. It also discusses how the Open Source Way community has created and is sustaining this and other best-practices content.

Participating in an open source community is—at times—unlike any other type of community. In fact, it might seem the creation and growth an open source community is somehow more of an art than a science.

While the Open Source Way is not a science guidebook, it does have a method for community management you can follow. A repeatable method of best practices to create a project, and then attract users, enable participants, and grow contributors of all levels.

This guidebook is conceived of and written by a growing group of contributors, who collaborate on this and other content as a community of practice using these very methods.

About Karsten Wade

Working in the Open Source Program Office as part of the Office of the CTO providing a range of services and support to help Red Hat's open source projects become wildly successful.