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Isabel Costa

Isabel Costa
Isabel Costa
Open source admin
What is it like to be an open source maintainer in 2021: A discussion of the Tidelift maintainer survey highlights
11:00 AM - 11:45 PM EST

Earlier this year, Tidelift completed its first ever survey of open source maintainers. Nearly 400 maintainers responded with thoughts about how they fund their work, what they enjoy about being a maintainer, what they don’t like so much, along with a host of other interesting insights. In this panel, Tidelift’s Brenna Heaps invites some of her maintainer friends to discuss key findings from the survey.

Managing a beginner friendly open source community
5:30 PM - 5:45 PM EST

Contributing to open source can be super intimidating for newcomers to the industry and also experienced professionals. At AnitaB.org open source community, we prioritize making the community beginner-friendly. I will share initiatives we've been implementing in the community as well as a couple of challenges, to make sure we are inclusive of contributors at different levels of experience and different types of contributions that don't not only relate to coding. These are meant to help to make the entry to the open source world more beginner-friendly.

About Isabel Costa

Isabel Costa is a software engineer from Portugal. She works at Globality and volunteers at AnitaB.org open source community as an admin. She recently became a GitHub Star and has previously participated in Google Summer of Code as a student 2018 and admin in 2020, and Google Code-in mentor in 2019. She is passionate about helping beginners get involved and less intimidated to contribute to Open Source and advocates for multiple ways to contribute including but not limited to coding.