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Gina Häußge

Gina Häußge
Gina Häußge
Project lead + maintainer
What is it like to be an open source maintainer in 2021: A discussion of the Tidelift maintainer survey highlights
11:00 AM - 11:45 PM EST

Earlier this year, Tidelift completed its first ever survey of open source maintainers. Nearly 400 maintainers responded with thoughts about how they fund their work, what they enjoy about being a maintainer, what they don’t like so much, along with a host of other interesting insights. In this panel, Tidelift’s Brenna Heaps invites some of her maintainer friends to discuss key findings from the survey.

How to deal with toxic people
11:45 AM - 12:00 PM EST

As an open source maintainer, sooner or later you'll encounter ungrateful, entitled or outright toxic people who can be a real drain on your motivation and general mental health. In this session I'll first show some examples of such situations, then share some coping strategies that I've successfully used to deal with them. I'll also share some things that everyone can do to help maintainers and open source communities in responding to negativity.

About Gina Häußge

Passionate code monkey, gamer, hobby baker and creator and maintainer of OctoPrint. Has always been in love with code, loves tinkering and helping others. Has written open source software for most of her adult life and has been in the lucky position to be able to do it full time and 100% crowd funded by the community of her project OctoPrint for several years now. Has a heavy bag in her office and uses it to combat the downsides of being a full time Open Source developer.