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Logan Kilpatrick

Logan Kilpatrick
Logan Kilpatrick
Sr. Technology Advocate
How to find advocates for your open source project
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST
Many open source maintainers build open source code because they want to help people. In order to fulfill that goal, people need to actually use the open source tool which has been built. Assuming the package provides some technical value, the step many projects miss when failing to gain traction is an advocacy strategy.

In this talk, we will go over how to develop an advocacy strategy which includes: how to identify potential advocates, recruiting your first few contributors, and incentive mechanisms for non-code contributions. This talk aims to be the starting point for those working in open source to begin to develop their community of advocates.
About Logan Kilpatrick
Logan is a Sr. Technology Advocate at PathAI where he leads Open Source and Advocacy. He is also the Developer Community Advocate for the Julia Programming Language. Outside of work, Logan is on the Board of Directors at NumFOCUS (the organization behind Julia, NumPy, Pandas, Jupiter, etc) and the Django Events Foundation (which runs DjangoCon).