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Upstream 2023

A one-day celebration of open source, the developers who use it, and the maintainers who make it.

Save the date: June 7, 2023


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A 100% virtual, completely free event bringing together like-minded application developers, open source project maintainers, and the extended network of people who care most about their work.

Meet and learn from the maintainers of popular open source libraries you use today
Explore today's most exciting and innovative open source projects across JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby, and more
Gain exposure to new ideas from those using open source to develop applications at scale


About Upstream

This year's theme: The accidental supply chain.

Picture this: you keep running into bugs in the Ruby application you're building for work. All the debuggers you find online are old, unmaintained, and not very good, so you fork one, fix it, and then put it back online to share, so others can use this new debugger for their own projects. Except suddenly, lots of others are using it, and you're stuck with a choice:

Do you:

a)continue maintaining this debugger so others, including you, can use it or;
b) let it fall into disrepair so someone else has to come along and make a new debugger?

And that, folks, is just one way to become an accidental supply chain, the theme of Upstream 2023.

In the wake of software supply chain attacks, government regulations from all over the globe are emerging at a regular cadence. The good news: this will hopefully drive more resilient open source software. The bad news? Who exactly do we expect to do that work? The maintainer who became an accidental supply chain we mention above?

Making Upstream accessible is important to us, so we provide human-powered open captions for all sessions. Is there a specific accommodation you need in order to be able to participate fully? We'd love to hear from you.

This year includes keynote sessions from Aeva Black of the Azure Office at Microsoft, Deb Bryant of Red Hat, and John Mark Walker of Fannie Mae. But in addition to these awesome keynoters who will be anchoring the day, take a peek at this line-up:

  • Amanda Casari of the Google Open Source Programs Office will share how to build better contributor documentation ACROSS open source.
  • Nancy Gariché, a senior developer advocate for the GitHub Security Lab, will discuss a maintainer-first approach to open source security.
  • David Burns, of the open source program office at BrowserStack, will explain why you’re probably running your OSPO wrong—and how it’s not your fault.
  • Josh Simmons will host a panel discussion on what it means to be a good open source citizen, featuring Al Gillen of IDC, Alyssa Wright of Bloomberg, and Duane O’Brien of Indeed.
  • And loads more awesome talks!

2022 keynote speakers

Aeva Black
Aeva Black
Open source hacker
Deborah Bryant
Deborah Bryant
Open source advocate
John Mark Walker
John Mark Walker
Director, Open source program office

Do you have an interesting story to share at Upstream? We are accepting applications until April 7 for presentations.